Latest Trends In The Hvac Industry

In recent times the HVAC industry has seen a lot of improvements with new technologies dominating the world of HVAC units. With the emerging technologies energy efficiency of a particular HVAC unit has increased manifolds and at the same time, the operation of an HVAC unit has become quite convenient. For instance, today if you want you will be able to operate an air conditioner remotely with the help of a smart thermostat. Hence, it is important that the HVAC technicians update them on regular intervals so that they can be at par with all the emerging technologies and deliver the best to their customers.

Let us have a look at some of the most innovative trends that has taken place in the HVAC industry:

The Rise of Self-Diagnostics: It is common that HVAC units will have some kind of problem or the other and when there is a problem with the HVAC unit the homeowners get confused and end up calling a technician. The result is an unscrupulous technician might inflate the problems and charge homeowners unnecessarily. In recent times the units which are being manufactured have self-diagnostic features. This way the chances of getting duped by a dishonest technician are dwindled to a large extent.

Smart thermostat and technology is another interesting feature that is being adopted by many of the manufacturers in their HVAC unit. With the help this technology, there will be an application in your mobile phone with which you will be able to control your home heating or cooling unit. Thus, it can be said that technology will become so convenient that even your home HVAC unit will be at your finger tips when you are away.

After the concept of zoned air conditioners, the next leap in technology will be variable refrigerant flow. It will be a highly effective way of cooling homes which has different temperatures across various rooms. Hence, the amount of cooling that is required by the kitchen of a home is not same as that required by the bedroom. Thus, if similar cooling is used throughout the room it will be wastage of energy. So comes in the variable refrigerant flow concept. In this system different rooms of the house will be cooled in different ways without compromising on the efficiency of the home’s cooling system. It uses the latest technology and cools the rooms in the house with absolute precision.

Air purifying technology is another factor that is being embedded into the recent HVAC units. This is because consumers are giving a lot more emphasis on the quality than anything else. So the recent units that are being manufactured have integrated air purifying technology.

Last but not the least, some of the latest innovations that might be an integral part of the HVAC industry includes the following:

• Movement-activated air conditioning
• Thermally driven air conditioning
• On-demand hot water re circulation
• Ice-powered air conditioning
• Sensor-enhanced ventilation
• Dual-fuel heat pumps
• Geothermal heat pumps and a lot others

Hence, as consumers we need to be on the lookout for ways so that we can use the latest technologies and save on unnecessary wastage of energy.



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