Cost To Replace Old Air Handler

 Before we get into the details of replacing an air handler, we need to have a clear idea about an air handler. Air handlers are matched with the capacity of air conditioners. It is used to circulate conditioned air throughout the house. The components of air handler include an inside coil, a blower fan and sometimes it also has an auxiliary electric strip heater. Air handlers today have both single and variable speed motors. The air handlers which have variable speed motors are known for their soft start, high humidity control features and added levels of comfort. However, the sad part is that air handlers do not run on for always, in the due course of time they start malfunctioning and this is when they require replacement or repair.

You must be aware of the fact that a faulty air conditioner will reduce the overall efficiency of the air conditioner as rest of the parts will have to work harder to compensate for the broken air handler. Some of the common problems faced by air handlers are:

Damaged Coils: If the coils of the air conditioner are damaged or dirty, the air handler will not be able to circulate the cooled air inside the room at a desired level.

Defective Blower: It is the blower that pushes the cold air into the rooms through the duct work. Hence, if the blower is defective it will not be able to push in good quality cold air into the buildings or rooms.

Poor Electrical Connections: In case you do not have a good electrical connection it will strain the air handlers unnecessarily pushing it towards damage in due course of time.

Clogged air filters: Dirty and clogged air filters can also make the air handlers malfunction. Hence, it is always a good idea to clean the air filters at regular intervals.

When any of these problems damage the air handlers of an air conditioner, there is no other option but to replace them with a new one.

As far as the cost to replace an air handler is concerned it includes the following:

• The cost of the new air handler. It is always good to buy a component which has a higher warranty. A warranty of five years is a good deal.

• The labor charge of installing air handlers also come under the replacement cost of air handlers. The installation of air handlers include planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleaning

• The cost of materials and supplies required to replace an air handler. For instance, fittings, fasteners, and mounting hardware are essential to install air handlers of an air conditioner.

In conclusion, it can be said that whenever your system has faulty air handlers, you need to get in touch with expert and trained HVAC technician. They will be the right person who will do the job seamlessly within a reasonable amount. However, try to research a little before you get in touch with someone.





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