Cost Of Installing Radiant Heat

There is no denying the fact floors made of stones or tiles has a great look but they can be very cold to touch especially during the winter months. One solution to this problem is to install radiant floor heating in your house. Radiant floor heating comes from tubes running underneath the surface of your floors. The floor is heated either electrically or with the help of heated water. The best thing about this kind of heating is that it heats evenly and does not allow that air which carries dust and allergens. As the warm air rises above, your lower body feels a comforting sensation while the lungs can breathe in a slightly cooler air. However, this kind of heating is specifically suitable in rooms with vaulted ceilings.

Like any other home improvement cots, the cost of installing radiant heat in floors depends on several factors. For example if we breakdown the total cost of installing radiant floor heating the components that makeup the whole will be the following, the labor cost involved in the installation of radiant floor heating and the heating materials and supplies that needs to be procured to complete the job. It must be noted here that the cost of installing radiant floor heating will vary from one region to the other because the labor cost and the cost of raw materials will be different in various places.

When the two systems of heating the floor are compared that is the hydronic radiant floor heating and the electric radiant floor heating, it will be seen that hydronic radiant heating is more efficient than the electric radiant heating. This is because hydronic heating uses relatively low water temperature to heat your home and it also saves energy and lowers your utility bills as it feels comfortable at lower temperature, enabling you to lower the thermostat.

Now let us have a detailed look at the factors that influence the cost of installing radiant heat. They are the following:

Square foot of you area: Strangely enough, it is seen that small per square foot cost of smaller areas is larger than that of bigger square feet area. This is because a larger area is more open and easy to work upon while in case of smaller areas it can get difficult to work upon. Whatever the case may be, the best way to reduce cost is by introducing radiant floor heating when the home is being newly constructed or when extensive remodeling is taking place so that the need to drill holes in your existing floor is minimum.

The type of radiant heating: There are two types of radiant floor heating. One is the electrical heating and the other is the hydronic heating. And as far as cost is concerned, electric radiant floor heating is costlier than the hydronic ones.

The cost to a large extent depends on the kind of floor that you already have. Sometimes additional concrete may have to be added to your floor for more support.

Temperature zones also add up to the cost of radiant floor heating. For example, if you want a warmer temperature in the living room than in the bedroom it will involve more complexities which in turn will shoot up the entire cost.

Last but not the least, some other factors which affect the installation cost are:

• Distance to the job site
• The workload of the contractor
• Local labor costs
• Cleaning up of after work debris



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