Air Conditioner Thermostat

Before we get into the details of an air conditioner thermostat we need to understand what a thermostat exactly is. To put it simply, a thermostat is a device that senses the temperature of a system so that the temperature of the system is maintained to a desired point. It does so by switching off or on heating or cooling device or regulates the flow of heat transfer as needed. As far as thermostat of air conditioners are concerned they work depending on random air current. Generally, it is seen that air conditioning thermostats are of two types. The older ones have bi metals whereas the newer ones have thermistor. The function of the bimetals or the thermistors is to sense the air current returning to the return ducts or the surrounding air. An air conditioner thermostat uses the room temperature to compare with the set point temperature.

There are three components of an air conditioning thermostat. They are the following:

• The thermostat cover

• The thermostat assembly

• The sub base

Now let us have a look as in how to check your thermostat in case of any problems. When your air conditioner fails to function during the sultry summers instead of calling an HVAC technician you can check for yourself whether the thermostat is responsible for the problem. You can have a thermostat with a dead battery or a thermostat that has been bit by dust and debris and has seen its last days. There are certain things that you can do to find out whether your thermostat is the main villain behind your broken air conditioner.

First of all, you need to check the switches of the thermostat and ensure that it is set to the, “on” position”. You should also check if the thermostat is set to A/C or “cool” mode. Besides, find out override programs on a programmable thermostat which in turn might cause an unresponsive air conditioner.

In case, the batteries of the thermostat are dead, you ought to replace them with new ones so that the thermostat can function with renewed vigor. To have a look at your thermostat and fix it by yourself you might need accessories like screw driver, batteries and walkies-talkies.

Here are a few things that needs to be taken care of when you are using an air conditioner thermostat. You must be aware of the fact that most thermostat fans have two settings, the auto and the “on”. Hence, a common question among homeowners is whether they should keep the fan in on position or in auto mode. Most of the HVAC technicians opine that it is better to keep the fan in “on” position as it helps in better circulation of the cool air within the room.

However, the ideal situation is to keep the fan in auto mode rather than in on position. This is because your air conditioner might be over sized and in such a case an over sized AC will shut off after a few hours leaving a lot of water in the coil. Secondly, in case you have leaky ducts outside the building envelope it can lead to air leakage of the house.

Thus, last but not the least, use an air conditioner thermostat in a recommended way so that you can enjoy more comfort.



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